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History and Profile

Nab Sankul The National Association for the Blind (India) – abbreviated as NAB – was founded in Mumbai by the legendary cricketer the late Mr. Vijay Merchant in 1951. Since the national headquarters of the NAB were in Mumbai, it was desirable to establish state level offices out of Mumbai in order to spread the network of services to the visually impaired in other parts of the country. Therefore, a state level office of NAB, Unit Maharashtra, was established in Nashik on December14, 1983 with the leadership of Mr. Vijay Merchant and local support from the late Mr. Bejon Desai, a prominent educationist, Mr. Devkisanji Sarda, a well-known industrialist who graciously offered a part of his office space to Unit Maharashtra for the beginning of its operations, and Mr. Hemant Takle, a reputed businessman and social worker, who aggressively spearheaded the activities of the organization as its president.

The NAB, Unit Maharashtra, has been registered with the Charity Commissioner under its Registration no. ‘E 460 Nashik’ on June 1, 1984.

Swachata Abhiyan After a modest beginning, Unit Maharashtra grew rapidly when motivated, like-minded individuals started joining the “Karawa” of this noble cause and welfare activities soon gathered momentum. In the last 35 years, Unit Maharshtra has blossomed now becomimg one of the largest and most influential NGOs involved in education, vocational training, employment, prevention of blindness, counseling, legal assistance, rehabilitation and overall welfare of the visually impaired and others with multiple disabilities.



Nandini Doing Mobility.jpg The Indian Constitution gives equal rights and opportunities to all of its citizens, able or disabled. Unfortunately, general apathy prevails in the society towards the visually impaired or those with multiple disabilities. They are often ostracized and deprived of their rights to education, job opportunities, community living and so on. NAB, Unit Maharashtra is committed to unshackle them from the centuries old deprivation, poverty and ignorance with the goal of bringing them in the main stream of the society.