Eye Donation



Eyes are a very valuable part of human body. Eyes should not be wasted either by burning or burying with the body after death. Donating a dead person’s eyes can give sight to two visually impaired people.

Your Vision can light Someone’s Life

  • You Can perform this ‘miracle’ by donating your eyes after death, to the nearest Eye Bank.
  • After the Eyes are acquired and processed by the EYE BANK. they will be supplied to eye surgeons who will transplant the corneal tissue into the eye of a blind person or scarring of cornea.
  • No eye is ever wasted. Eyes that for technical reasons may not be used for corneal transplants are invaluable for research.
  • Currently, the availability of donor eyes does not meet the demand. It is estimated that almost four million people in our country suffer from corneal blindness. It is also estimated that sixty parcent of people requiring corneal transplants are below the age of twelve.
  • Any person can be eye donor. Poor eye sight and age make no difference. However persons younger than 18 years must have the authorization of their parents or guardian.
  • All major religious faiths have given their approvel and support to this vital sight restoration programme.
  • Removal of donated eyes does not produce disfigurement, nor does it interfere with customary funeral arrangements.
  • At present only the Cornea can be transplanted other portions may be used in retinal detachment surgery, repairs & for vital research.
  • Eyes Should be removed as soon as possible within 4-6 hours after death. The fresh tissue should use preferably with in 3 days.
  • It is against medical ethics to buy or sell donated eyes.
  • While it can be mentioned in your will, your signed and withessed donor card is all that is needed. This card should be carried on your person at all time. You Should tell your next of kin, family physician and close relatives of your decision to donate your eyes to ensure their co-operation.
  • Acquaint others with our programme. We will gladly supply brochures and any other assistance necessary.

    If you would like to help us carry on our vital programme for eyesight restoration, we would be greatful for your support.



  • Fill in the donor pledge card attached. Have your signature witnessed by two persons. (If you are not yet 18, have your parent or guardian as one witness), preferably relatives.
  • Discuss your decision with your next-of-kin and your family doctor. We will inform your next-of-kin of your pledge, if you wish.
  • We will send you in return a wallet card stating your pledge and instructing your next-of-kin of your desires.
  • Please carry the wallet card with you at all time. If you change your name or address, please informed the NAB Unit Maharashtra.
  • Mail the completed pledge card to :
    National Association for the Blind, Unit Maharashtra,
    Plot No. P 66, Lane No. 3, Street A,
    MIDC, Satpur, Nashik – 422 007
    Maharashtra, India.
    Tel : 91-253-2353578, Fax : 91-253-2364378
    Email – nabunitmaharashtra@gmail.com
Donor Pledge

Donor Pledge
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  • 1. A person of any age, religion, cast, creed, and color can donate eyes even if he is suffering from Diabetics, Hypertension, Systemic disorders like Asthma and Tuberculosis.
  • 2. Persons who have undergone surgery for Cataract, Glaucoma or using Spectacles can also pledge and donate their eyes.
  • 3. Immediate family members or relatives can donate the eyes of the deceased even if the Deceased had not pledged for eye donation during his/her life time.
  • 4. All Religions endorse and encourage the practice of eye donation.


eyes Eyes cannot be collected if death occurred due to the following diseases.

  • 1. AIDS / Hepatitis B, Septicemia / Sepsis: Viral Infection spread through bloodstream affecting vital organs.
  • Leukemia: Disease related to Bone Marrow.
  • Rabies: Fatal viral disease, transmitted by the bite of warm-blooded animals like dogs.
  • Cancer with Metastasis to Head and Neck: Transmission of pathogenic micro organisms/cancerous cells through blood vessels.
  • Encephalitis: Inflammation of the brain
  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Cancerous growth of cells in the Lymph system of the body.


  • 1. A prospective donor can walk in to a nearest Eye Bank and pledge his/her eyes for donation. For this, a pledge form needs to be filled in and signed by the donor and also signed by a witness (could be a relative or friend) and given back to the eye bank.
  • 2. In the event of that person’s death, his/her relative/friend, who was a witness or any other family member who had the knowledge that the person who passed away intended to donate the eyes, should call the nearest eye bank.
  • 3. One important aspect to be noted here that it is not sufficient if a person pledges for donating his/her eyes after the death. His/her relatives and friends should call the nearest eye bank, for donating the eyes after his/her death.



  • 1. Clean eyes with clean water
  • 2. Call the nearest eye bank within six hours of death of a person.
  • 3. Switch off fans & keep AC on, if available.
  • 4. Close the eye lids gently and keep a moist cloth or wet cotton ball over eyes.
  • 5. Rest a deceased person’s head on a pillow.
  • 6. Keep death certificate signed by the doctor, ready
  • 7. There is no charge for this simple surgery. It is totally free of cost.
  • 8. Only Cornea portion is removed and hence face is not disfigured.
  • Eyes can be donated to any eye bank in India but preferably to the nearest eye bank to avoid delays.
  • Eye donation of a person can benefit two visually impaired persons.
  • Filling eye donation form does not legally bind you to donate. It can be disregarded anytime.


No. Name of the EyeBank/Hospital Ophthalmologist Telephone/Mobile No.
1. Sushil Eye Hospital,
Model Colony, College Road,
Nashik – 422 005
Dr. Sharad Patil
Dr. Sanay Mahajan
Tel. (0253)- 2579791/2315342
Fax : (0253)-2316396,
2. Tulsi Eye Hospital,

Gen. Arun Kumar,
Vaidya Nagar,
Nr.Purnima Bus Stop,
Nashik -422 011

Dr. Swati Zawar

Dr. Avinash Pingle

Dr. Sheshadri Mahajan

Tel. (0253)-2411039/ 2415201
Fax (0253)-2414879
3. NDMVP’s,
Medical Hospital,

Vasantdada Patil Nagar,
Old Agra Road,
Nashik- 422 004.

Dr.Balveer Dhiraj
Dr.Amit Deshmukh
Tel. (0253)-2303802/2303111


4. Civil Hospital,

Trimbakeshwar road,
Eye Ward,

Nashik – 422 002.

Dr. Sanjay Laul Tel. (0253)-2576368
5. Madhav Netra Pedhi,
Vardhaman Eye Hosp.
Kamal Apt. Canada Corner,
Nashik – 422 002
Dr. Ketan Merchant Tel. (0253)- 2571800



Lions Parasmal Kotecha Netrapedhi,
MIDC Miraj, Sangli-416410
Contact – 0233-2644499/2645388
Email – lionsnabeyehospital@zapak.com

Smt. Mishribai Gulabchand Toshniwal Netrapedhi
Trust & Research Center, Navneet Hospital,
165/1, Railway line, Near Bhagat Singh Market, 7 Road,
Solapur – 413003
Contact – 0217 – 2310345

Seth Harakchand Kamdar netrapedhi,
Mamta Hospital, Mitra Nagar,
Contact – 02382-243493

District Civil Hospital, Amravati,
Bhaiyasaheb Javade Netrapedhi,
Near S.T. Depot,
Contact – Dr. Rajesh Javade

Dr. Mahatme Netrapedhi,
Dr, Mahatme Hospital,
Chhatrapati Shivaji Squre, Vardha Road,


Ganpati Netralaya,
Deolgaon Raja, Mantha Road,
Contact – 02482-239001 to 10
Email – admin@netralaya.org

Netra Sanjeevani Netrapedhi,
Dasra Chowk, Empire Power,
Laxmipuri, Kolhapur – 416002
Contact – 0231-6689414
Contact – Dr. Pritam Shah (M.S.)

Sai Surya Netra Seva,
R/t. Vardhaman, Manik chowk,
Contact – Dr. Prakash Kankariya K.
M.B.B.S. (Eye Specialist)

Netrapedhi Pravara Rural Hospital,
Pravara Medical College,
Loni, Dist- Ahmednagar
Contact – 0242-22273600

Precautions to be taken – to donate eyes

1. Clean the eyes with clean water.
2. Close the eye lids of the deceased person.
3. Place wet cotton on the eyes of the deceased person.
4. Put off the fans in the room.
5. Kindly keep ready Doctor’s Death Certificate of the deceased person.
6. Please inform the nearest eye bank authorities as early as possible after donor’s death.
7. A.C.?

* All district civil hospitals in Maharashtra.